Royal wedding tour

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yesterday Samuel and I went in to central London to meet up with a friend and it dawned on me that I needed to make the most of being around just 2 days before the Royal wedding. So I decided to walk to Buckingham palace.

On my way I came upon the Goring Hotel in Belgravia where Kate is staying the night before the wedding. There were already a crowd of camera people waiting outside the hotel hoping for any photo opportunity that could be linked to the wedding.

When I got to Buckingham Palace it was not noticeabley busier than normal in front of the Palace but what was crazy was all the media stations that have been set up at the edges of Green Park and St. James Park. The green buildings in the photos below were built for the media to be able to report from with the palace in the background. I was hoping to see the familiar faces of well known American TV reporters, but alas that didn't happen. As you can see below, I did spot one well known face... Dame Edna:)

We are planning to go to Hyde Park with friends to watch the Royal wedding. They are going to have a big screen set up and bands playing so it should be a really fun and festive place to watch the wedding. I would have loved to be along the parade route, but it's just too much with Samuel with us. It's going to be an early start as the park opens at 7 am but it should be worth it! We have our picnic brunch planned including mimosas! I can't wait!

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