Time warp

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One afternoon while in the states, my parents and I went to Lake Michigan and on the way we passed "The Port" a drive in restaurant. I got so excited and begged to stop! I didn't know there were any drive in restaurants still in the area. There had been one in our town when I was growing up and they sold home-made root beer and for some reason also sold Christmas trees in December.

At the drive-in you literally drive up and park and all the rest is done for you! The waitress comes out to your car (often on roller skates) and takes your order and then when it's ready brings it out on a tray that I attaches to your car window. Oh how I love America!

What to order, what to order became the dilemma... root beer float?, cream soda?, chili dog?, corn dog?, milkshake? Such decisions! I settled on cream soda and corn dog. Lets just say that healthy eating was not on the top of my list during this trip!

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