Christmas dinner

Thursday, January 5, 2012

To say I was excited about Christmas this year would be an understatement:) We watched Elf on Thanksgiving and soon after I discovered a tv channel that had suddenly appeared called Christmas 24. Christmas movie marathon month began! Let's just say I watched a few too many super cheesy films during December most of which had a plot line that went something like this: single mom takes her son to see his gradfather who now lives somewhere called Santaville. She isn't really in to Christmas but her son and dad are and then she meets a handsome carpenter who she ends up falling in love with and her Christmas spirit is restored... . Yes, they were pretty bad!

I also got into watching some of the Christmas cooking shows. As we are major Jamie Oliver fans in this house I of course watched his Christmas cooking special. On it he talked about making a Turkey Wellington. It looked so delicious and could be made the day before. So I offered to make it for Christmas dinner. And the offer was accepted:)! I was really happy with how it turned out especially as it was my first time making any type of wellington. It was delicious in my unbiased opinion! Here is it...

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