Frosty morning at the park

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We put on all our layers including water proof boots and trousers (for Samuel) and headed out to the park early Monday morning. A little frost was not going to put us off being outside! It was a clear, sunny morning and we had the park to ourselves. I almost felt a bit smug at how prepared we were and was thinking how rain or shine - nothing would keep us from enjoying the great outdoors.

Then the first hour passed... and my pride began to dissolve. I began wishing I had put on another pair of socks and Samuel was getting tired of me putting his soggy mittens back on his hands. We braved it a bit longer and than threw in the towel- it's too cold! More layers needed! Oh well, at least by the time we got home (after thawing off in the grocery store) it was time for lunch and then NAP TIME!

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