A day in our life...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I thought it was worth documenting a typical day in our life as it is soon to change!

At the moment we are all getting up around 7/7.15 am

We all eat cereal together and then Adrian heads out about 7.45.

Then Samuel and I start the morning slowly (at least I do!), usually reading on the couch or starting to play in the lounge.

We play together (books, trains, singing) and then he usually plays on his own for a bit while I try to tidy the kitchen and or get a shower in.

Around 9.15 am we often switch on cbeebies - he especially likes the show 'Big Barn Farm.' I use the time to get dressed and organised for the day.

We begin to leave the house around 9.40 a lot of days.  I put together a bag for him with nappies, wipes, a snack and water.  We find our shoes, put on our coats, lock up and then head down the stairs in our building.  I load him up in the stroller and out we go.

2 days a week he spends 10 am-12 pm at a fantastic creche while I work (I do admin for the children's work at our local church) or meet fortnightly for a chat and prayer with 2 friends.  One day a week we go to a play group at our church and the other 2 days we either go to a park, meet with a friend or go to a stay and play.

We head home around 12 and then we eat lunch (often toast, turkey, vegetables, hummus)

At 1 Samuel goes down for a nap.

I usually watch tv, tidy and unwind for a bit and then head for a nap myself.

Samuel gets up around 3.  If it is nice out we head to the local park around 3.30 where he scoots in circles, picks up other kid's shoes, goes down the slide, looks for food in people's strollers or runs towards the swings while they are moving:). He keeps me on my toes!

We often head home around 4.30 or 5 and then play a bit while we wait for Adrian to get home.  He often gets home around 6.  We eat around 6.30 (this is a major generalisation as it changes each day!).

Then Samuel gets in the bath around 7 pm... lots of laughter, playing with alphabet letters, cups, and boats in the bath.  Then books and bedtime.

Then Adrian and I collapse:)!

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