Firsts and lasts

Friday, July 27, 2012

First days with Seb and last days in London... sigh... gulp!  Big changes ahead which I don't feel ready for yet.  I feel heartbroken at the thought of leaving London especially at this precious time of having a newborn and yet I know the reasons we made the decision.  It's definitely a time when I am more aware of my need to trust God and his guidance and love.  We have been trying to both relax (I didn't leave the house for the first 5 days) but lso make the most of our time here.

(left to right/top to bottom: the best big brother on day 2, cuddles with daddy, Sammy in the sunlight with a yellow balloon, me + my darling Seb, brothers, date with my babes, the cuddliest baby around, Sammy and me (before haircut!), getting my haircut, saying goodbye to our flat, one last ride on the upper floor of the bus)

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