Trick or treat

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Last night was a lot of fun - sweets, chocolate, pumpkins, crisp air.  We had a lovely time meeting our neighbors and I especially loved hearing people coo over our boys in their animal costumes (proud mama)!  

One of the streets near us was the star of the show last night.  Houses were decorated and neighbors on their front porches - there was such an atmosphere of community as families walked around in groups of friends.  It really made me miss our friends and wish we had our group to walk around with but also made me hopeful that we are in the right place to build new relationships.  

A family who has been a huge help to us in our relocation has an annual Halloween party and their house was packed to the brim with neighbors.  Costumes abounded, food and drink flowed, and many new connections were made.  We would have loved to stay longer but alas with little ones and no babysitters yet (we need to work on this!) we had an early curfew.  We went home with full tummies and thankful that even though we are new here we are a part of a community.

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