Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This weekend it will be 6 months since we moved to Indianapolis.  Some days it feels like we have been here for ages and other days it feels like left London just last week.  All I have to do, though, is look at Sebby and see how much he has changed to remind me of the difference 6 months makes. 

There have been very hard days where all the change has felt too overwhelming, there have been good days where my heart has felt full of joy and peace and there have been a whole range of days in between.  Some days I want to turn back time and to have never left London.  I have doubted our decision and wondered if I misunderstood the promptings we felt from God.  I miss my friends and my family there.  I miss the busy chaos of city living and being able to leave my apartment and be in the midst of shops and cafes in minutes.  I miss Adrian's vespa that made getting to central London an easy adventure for date nights.  I miss wandering the markets - people watching and buying flowers.  I miss the big, beautiful leafy parks and the ease of getting on a train and being in the countryside.

And yet the last few months in the states have strengthened us as a family.  We have had to rely on one another so much through this move.  This is our first move as a married couple.   Our first time meeting people in a new place as a family unit.  We have been able to spend more time with my parents and our siblings in the states.  We have had more space for Samuel to stretch and spin and hop around in.  We have met so many kind and generous people.  We've found a lovely church which also has studio spaces and an art gallery attached to it (amazing!) and I have felt my faith grow through what I have learned there.  We've gotten to try lots of local produce and sampled many local beers.  We have neighbors that we like and our children play together in the front yard, we share meals and watch one another's children so we can have a date night.  Such a blessing!

I don't know what is around the corner for us or how long we will be here but we are taking things a day at a time.  Desiring to appreciate the here and now and be grateful for the things we miss as missing them shows the depth of love we have known and felt.

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