The Diptych Project: Reflective

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Diptych Project: two friends (once neighbors & now an ocean apart), one theme
Top photo: Evie, bottom photo: Ann

Over the past few days I have done so much cooking and baking!  Scones, rice krispie squares, cottage pie, carrot soup (similar to this one but with carrots, sweet potatoes and potatoes instead), granola, and pizza.  It was definitely more than normal, due in part to a baby shower and a meal for a new mommy.  During those days, I found myself spending much of the boys nap times chopping and blending and mixing.  Though there are many evenings where cooking feels more like a chore, when I am able to cook in leisurely manner I find that it can be so satisfying.  There is something about having busy hands, especially when it is a methodical, familiar movement, that frees my mind to dream a bit.  

I have been reading the book 1000 gifts by Ann Voskamp and have been so moved by it.  She speaks much about finding the joy and beauty in our daily lives.  As I have intentionally started looking for and recognizing those glimpses of heaven in my days, I have found my heart start to bud with new life.  There is something so life giving about saying thank you to God regularly - it builds our faith in an unexpected and powerful way.  I often find it so much easier to see the challenges or obstacles before me and yet living a life of fear is so far from what I want my life to look like.  

So, that is a bit of what I was thinking about as I chopped carrots and onion on Monday morning.  As my hand moved rhythmically, my mind was soaring outside of our house - feeling so grateful, my heart swelling with peace.

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