The Diptych Project {Guest Posts}: Fruit

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

 The Diptych Project {Guest Posts}: two photos, one theme
Top photo: Sarah (Netherlands), bottom photo: Karen (UK)

Today we are welcoming our first two guest posters on the Diptych Project!  The photos were taken by Sarah from the Netherlands and Karen from the UK. 

"First fruits" by Sarah
"I decided to photograph the first fruits of our new Elstar apple tree. With my camera it's easy to take an impressive-looking close up, but here I wanted to capture something of the context too - so you can see the trunk of the tree and that it's standing by our house. I am quite happy with the background but the picture would look  more interesting if you could see the stem of the apple, I think."

Thoughts from Evie:
"Don't you just want to grab this apple right out of the picture? The interesting angle really draws your eye to the apple and I'm especially keen on the natural framing of the branches and the flowers in the background circling the apple. It is also rather cool seeing the detail in the leaf to the right, you can literally see the apple being watered!"

Have you got a photo of fruit that tells a story? Go over to The Diptych Project on facebook an share it with us.

Please visit Evie's blog Got Passion? to find out the story behind Karen's photo.
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