The Diptych Project {Guest Posts}: Nature

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Diptych Project {Guest Posts}: two photos, one theme
Top photo: Vanessa (USA), bottom photo: Phylina (UK)

This is our third week of having guests take over the Diptych Project.  I have really enjoyed seeing themes through new eyes and in different places.  I have been so impressed by everyone's photos!  I hope you have been enjoying it too!  This week's photographs are by Vanessa and Phylina.

Vanessa talks about her picture... 
'When I think of Nature, it is easy to think of that my beautiful state is known for, especially since I have such a wonderful view of "America's Mountain" (Pike's Peak, where America the Beautiful was written), however, sometimes I have to remind myself that nature can be found anywhere, even in the most urban of settings. This flower, (my favorite flower by the way) ties both the big picture (Colorful Colorado) and the small picture (my front yard in the middle of the city) together, as this is the white variety of the Colorado state flower, the Columbine, that was growing along the driveway. I love how this flower (especially the colored varieties) look almost like two flowers in one, and from the back look like orchids, which do not grow in the dry and cold climate here. I love how unique and intricately made they are; A subtle reminder of the creativity and genious of our Maker.'

Thoughts from Evie...
Vanessa's picture does well in telling several stories and I love that it has so much meaning for her, tying together several strands of her life. Without the writing I would have thought 'oh, that's a pretty flower and beautiful photo' but the writing reminds me that pictures should be considered in the eyes of the photographer as well as my own personal opinion. It reminds me that when I look at photographs I should consider, 'what made the photographer take this picture, and take it like this?'.

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Please visit Evie's blog Got Passion? to find out the story behind Phylina's photo.

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