Eating my way through America

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We spent 2 weeks in NY and Florida over Christmas visiting family and friends.

So much food... so little time!

YUM - Our first meal in New York was a burger, fries, and peanut butter milkshake at at Shake Shack. I love me some NY burgers...

Panera and I have some history. When I lived in Lansing, MI for a year and this is a place I visited quite a lot for their bagels and free coffee refills. Lots of journalling and napkin sketching has happened there.

My parents Christmas present to my whole family was a 2 day trip to Key West. Obviously key lime pie could not be missed on this trip. My husband was in heaven when he spotted this frozen key lime pie dipped in chocolate(on a STICK!). It was pretty amazing...

Back in NY on our way back to London we stopped at the Bonbonierre... oh how I love this place! I used to live around the corner from this cafe and would go there every Saturday with one of my roomies. We would always order the same thing: coffee, banana pancakes and bacon!

There were so many other favorite foods I didn't get to eat while I was in NY.

Here's a list so I make sure to eat them next time:
Banana pudding and carrot cake from Magnolia
Burger from Corner Bistro
Sesame chicken from Mamma Buddha
Falafel from Taim
Cappuccino from Joe's!!
Donut from Donut Plant

Til next time USA... Hope it's not too long!

1 Response to Eating my way through America

February 25, 2010 at 9:30 PM

Sounds like you had a great time. I live in NY and can you believe I have never been to the Shake Shack. Also, where is Bonbonierre? Their food looks delish. I went to Key West last summer but did not try the Key Lime pie dipped in chocolate. Thanks for sharing. Anna - Fellow BYW teammate

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