Flowers and much, much more!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Columbia Road flower market is the best! It combines so many of my favorite things - flowers, indie stores, delicious coffee, and lot's of character. I discovered this market during my second year in London and it was just the right time. The first time I went to the market I felt like I had found a little taste of the the things I was missing from NYC.

This market is only open in Sundays and many of the stores along Columbia Road have limited hours as well. It takes a little work to find it the first time, but you soon know you are heading in the right direction as you begin to see people walking towards you carrying potted plants, trees, cut flowers (it's quite a sight!).

I would definitely recommend adding this to your itinerary next time your in London. It can make for a great start of day. Afterwards you could head to Brick Lane or the Up Market or Hackney Farm and so much more!

Oh, and how cute is the little dog pictured above. He was the pet of one of the Columbia Road store owners and I fell in love with him immediately. Someday I'll have my own!

1 Response to Flowers and much, much more!

April 1, 2010 at 1:24 PM

Aww aww awwww!!! I want to go back SOOOO badly!!!

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