Best gift ever

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

For Christmas, my friend gave me the best gift you can give a pregnant lady. A gift that satisfies your desire to snack constantly! Actually this is an amazing gift for everyone. She gave me a gift certificate towards Graze which means that every week I receive a box with an assortment of yummy snacks. On their website you can rate what foods you like and there is also an option to say if the food item is something you would never want or one you would want soon!

I was very excited when the box arrived! At first I just had a little taste from each box... then I ate more... then I started rationalizing that since it was a gift for me I didn't need to save it for the next day or for Adrian to try when he got home... once I started it was so hard to stop! When Adrian got home there were none of my favorite item left (the olives) but he did get to try everything else. As you can imagine, there definitely wasn't any left the next day. They were just to good to save!

My first box contained:

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