The Patch

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Autumn is America’s time to shine.  The beauty of the leaves changing, pick your own pumpkin patches, hay rides, hot apple cider and cinnamon donuts…. Just writing this is making me so hungry! 

You could find pumpkins in the grocery stores in London but there were certainly no “pumpkin, spiced lattes.”  After six years living outside the states, as you can imagine, I am very excited about participating in fall festivities this year.

We decided to visit a pumpkin patch over the weekend.  This wasn’t just any pumpkin patch.  We are talking about a fall extravaganza.  There was a hay ride to the pumpkin patch and pony rides and a petting zoo and a maze through a corn field.  But the most surprising, unexpected figure of all was the pumpkin eating dinosaur!  There was an enormous, growling, sharp toothed dinosaur whose neck strained and pulled and when he was hungry, lowered itself towards his trainer who risked his life and limb to hand him a real pumpkin.  The dinosaur chewed on the pumpkin until it was reduced into a pumpkin puree.  As I looked around the crowd, children were looking on with a mixture of fear and awe and I realized I needed to check to see how Samuel felt about it all. When I asked him what he thought of it all, my unfazed little guy said “I want to go in there!”!  Something tells me he is going to be a big fan of fall, too.

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