The Diptych Project: Churches

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Diptych Project: two friends (once neighbors & now an ocean apart), one theme
Top photo: Evie, bottom photo: Ann

This week's theme could also be phone photos as both Evie and my photos were taken on our very smart phones!  I took my photo while on a walk along the mall in downtown Indianapolis.  There is a beautiful meridian which contains several war memorials and is landscaped beautifully with fountains and flowers.  Adrian and I were out on a date (so incredibly thankful for a monthly babysitting swap with our neighbors!),the weather was warm, the sun was shining and everything looked pretty rosy!  It was perfect night for a stroll and stroll we did taking in many of the sites of downtown and walking for a bit on the Cultural Trail.  We happened upon this church just before sunset and I love how the sun rays look like they are almost burning through the church walls, illuminating the building one last time before tucking itself away for the night

Please visit Evie's blog to learn more about what inspired her photo.
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