The Diptych Project: Play

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Diptych Project: two friends (once neighbors & now an ocean apart), one theme
Top photo: Evie, bottom photo: Ann

This week's theme of play is something that is very much a part of my life right now.  As a mom to two young boys, if I was writing out the schedule of my day play would be listed multiple times!

I love how the photo above of my two boys captures much about how they each play at the stage their in.  Sebby has just started sitting up on his own, unaided and we watch in wonder as he is able to reach into a basket and pick out different toys.  His face is filled with concentration and he investigates the toy in his hand.  For the first time in his life he is able to choose what he wants to play with - what a huge milestone.   

Samuel is in full exploration mode.  Zooming around the play room he makes nee naw noises to try and reproduce the sounds of an ambulance.  He is starting to to express more imaginative play which is a delight to see.  He is often going to work or going to see trains.  

There is something about being caught up in playing with children that can be so satisfying and calming especially with activities like building a train track or playing with play dough- activities where you are really focused on what you are making.  It is similar when you are knitting or baking or drawing - doing something repetitively that allows your mind to be free to rest or roam.  It is so important to not underestimate the peace and joy that playing can bring to your life.  I think as adults we often forget the simple pleasures of life and it often takes a child to remind us to slow down and play a bit more.

Please visit Evie's blog to learn more about what inspired her photo.
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