The Diptych Project: Summer

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

 The Diptych Project: two friends (once neighbors & now an ocean apart), one theme
Top photo: Ann, bottom photo: Evie

For me, peonies symbolize the start of summer.  My mom has a peony bush growing in our backyard and despite living far away for many years, I often visited my parents near the start of the summer when the peonies blossoms were just making their entrance.  I love watching the flowers transform from tightly closed orbs in to extravagantly layered blooms, their scent filling any room.  Their abundant beauty almost takes my breath away.

Click here to see Evie's post about her photo and here to see the rest of the Diptych Project.

1 Response to The Diptych Project: Summer

June 12, 2013 at 2:47 AM

I love your picture, and am so impressed your parents have a peony tree in the garden! I've only ever seen them in a flower shop and they are my most favourite flowers ever. So funny how similar our photos are, even down to the colour!

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